Welcome to House of Hammonds

The House of Hammonds was created to give musicians that love to play a Hammond B3/122 Leslie or equivalent a place to buy, rent or lease to own.


These models are a hand picked selection of Hammonds with there own character. I bought my first B3 in’73 and it is a 1968 model. I still play it, and feel it’s the best one I’ve ever heard, but know that the unique sound of each Hammond is a personal thing.


House of Hammonds has many different era B’s, C’s, and A100 series and Leslie’s so you can choose your sound. Each Hammond has it own nuance, but all have the Classic Hammond sound that can’t be copied!

Rentals - Leasing - Service

At The House of Hammonds, we specialize in the rental of world-class Vintage Hammond B3, C3 and A-100/102 organs, 122 Leslies, synthesizers, keyboards, monitors and keyboard amps for concerts, musical venues, recording studios and churches.
We provide the finest quality Hammonds you've ever heard!  All our gear has been thoroughly restored and is guaranteed to perform flawlessly and sound great.

Located in Iowa, we service the Midwest region.  Every rental is carefully delivered and set up by experienced Hammond professionals. 


Hammond B3


The sounds of the B3 were unique, powerful, and captivating, and the instrument began to be appreciated on its own terms. Gospel music recordings of the 1950s and 1960s began to accentuate the Hammond, giving the music a special sound. By about 1970, the B3s (and similar Hammond models) were embraced by all sorts of popular musicians, including rock, R&B, and jazz groups.